Tips to Get Paid to Take Surveys and Avoid Scam

Tips to Get Paid to Take Surveys and Avoid Scam

Do you have spare time and a PC/Laptop with Internet connection? Why do not you trade your time for cash and get paid by companies through surveys. There are a lot of survey companies that are looking out for members like you to participate in their market research surveys. The best thing is you can get paid to share your opinions.

It is easy and free to get started.


In order to earn cash by doing paid surveys you need to meet the qualification criteria for each particular survey. Most of the survey companies would require to complete profile surveys through registration. Usually, you will not get paid to register but there are a few survey companies that will offer you sign up bonus.

Your profile information is employed to pick out participants for specific product and surveys. The secret is to complete your profile information correctly, so that the companies can match you with surveys for their demographics and invite you to participate in their surveys.

Watch Out for Scams

Be cautious.

Though most of the market research companies are legitimate, there are companies and people who try to scam people and charge a fee to join their sites. These companies usually promise a fast buck on the hopes of others. While joining a survey company, merely follow these rules:

  • Never pay to join.
  • Never pay a membership fee.
  • Never provide out personal info like your social security number, credit card number or bank account details.
  • Read the terms and conditions.
  • Ensure they pay in cash – by check, PayPal or electronic gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, VISA etc.

Legitimate Survey Companies Follow These Guidelines:

  • Never guarantee a fixed amount that you will earn from surveys
  • Makes clear the reward for every survey in the survey invites
  • Posts privacy policies
  • Does not sell member info to 3rd parties.
  • Many companies look legitimate. Cross-check the terms and conditions agreement and privacy policy before signing up. If you cannot notice these, skip that web site.

Look for staments like, “We don’t share the personal information with any third-party organizations or for promotional uses without your consent.”

How Paid Surveys Work?

Compensation to participate in online paid surveys can vary company to company and survey by survey. You will receive $2-$5 on an average cash for each completed surveys, free merchandise, or sweepstakes entries.

In order to participate in paid surveys, you need to first register for a paid survey site and complete your member profile. You will receive an email once a survey matches your profile. The e-mail will usually contain below informations:

  1. How long it will take to finish the survey?
  2. How much rewards/cash you will get to answer this survey?
  3. A link to the survey
  4. Most surveys take solely 15-20 minutes to complete.

Survey Payments

Do not expect a full-time earnings from taking online paid surveys. It’s acceptable to receive compensation of regarding $100 to $300 every month in money and merchandise for many short surveys.

Payments will vary widely and may vary from $1-$50 in cash, points toward prizes, or sweepstakes entries. Typically, you will get cash money for most of the surveys and is preffered choice.

How to Maximize your Survey Earnings?

  • Sign up with many legitimate survey companies and check all of them usually thus you do not miss out on surveys you qualify for.
  • Once you’ve been selected for surveys, use the time you’ve got and complete the online surveys truthfully.
  • Keep your profile up up to now thus you meet eligibility necessities.

Final Word

Taking online paid surveys could be a good way to earn a little of additional cash in your spare time. Bear in mind to look out for scams and companies that promise high compensations such as $500 for one survey.