Focus Forward Online Review

Join Focus Group Online Survey and Get Paid

A couple of months ago I joined a online focus group, Focus Forward, hoping to make a few bucks in my spare time. I used to do a lot of online surveys, making a couple of hundreds a month. Not a big money, but nice to have. The problem with those online surveys, however, is that they are really time consuming and the payout is very low. Usually, I got paid $5 for 20 or 30 minutes of my time if I qualified and completed the survey. Not a good way to spend my time, so I gave up that activity a long time ago. Right now, I only do paid survey with PineCone Research because there’s no such thing as “qualification”, so I can surely make $5 for 20 minutes when an offer comes along. But PineCone is not always accepting new members.

With the focus group, the payout is much greater for the same amount of time for completing a long $5 online survey. For example, since I joined the group, I already received several offers and just yesterday, another new opportunity came up for a 45-minute telephone interview with a compensation of $125, which is a decent amount of money for 45 minutes.

Though I joined the group, I haven’t taken any offer yet because I really don’t have the time. If you are interested in participating in focus group studies and have the time, maybe you can earn some extra money each month (of course, you have to qualify first to become a participant).