Cashcrate Review

CashCrate Review: Is CashCrate A Scam?

Are You Tired Of Internet Scams?
I look for sites that most people think are scams and try them for myself. This is my review on CashCrate which I signed up for a few months ago. I have always been a big skeptic when it comes to online survey sites.

I’ve tried a few survey sites in the past and they hardly had anything to do on their site. Some of the payout restrictions were as high as $150! I wasn’t expecting anything good to come from this site. Most survey sites seem too good to be true.

Is CashCrate a Scam? My CashCrate Review

Is CashCrate Legit or Scam? Well, that seems to be the question everyone wants to know. There are numerous online survey sites these days, and I’ve seen that CashCrate was talked about the most. I made a decision to give them a chance and went to their website and registered.

I personally thought the site was a scam. So, I headed over to the forum and asked the members what they thought of the site. Many of them were very helpful and told me what they do to make money on the site.

The members were also giving me tips like deleting cookies before an offer and to create new e-mails for each company offer. They showed me many different checks and payment proof posted on the forum and the payment wall.

Since everyone was so helpful I decided to give the surveys a try, and I was surprised that I was making money online so quickly. I had spent about an hour and a half my first day and made $14.25. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make money on the site. So, again I was beginning to think it could be a scam.

Luckily, I stuck with the site to see if I was really going to get a check. Sure enough I got my first check from them the following month for $142.00.

I was really surprised because I didn’t think I would ever receive a check. I thought I was just wasting my time. Most people probably won’t make that much their first time signing up. I was doing trial offers, daily surveys, cash back shopping, referral program and offers.

Join CashCrate free! Get $1 for signing up!

The average person who signs up will only do the free daily surveys or offers. If you do all the things I was doing you can make a very decent amount of money every month. A good thing to do when you first sign up is try to make payout. Their minimum payout is $20 and they send out checks once a month.

Making minimum payout is the best mark to shoot for when you first sign up. You won’t be putting a lot of effort into it and you won’t be that disappointed if you end up feeling the site isn’t for you. Plus once you receive your first check this will show you it’s real and you can feel much better about using the site. All I can really say is sign up (it’s free to join) look around and see if there’s something right for you.

How Do I Use CashCrate?
CashCrate has so many different ways to make money online. You can fill out offers, trial offers, surveys and point offers. Points can be redeemed for prizes like visa gift cards etc.

They also have games on the site to win points daily , weekly or monthly. This is a great alternative for people who don’t want fill out offers or surveys.

Cash back shopping is great feature on CashCrate as well and can go a long way. All you do is click the shopping link on their site and they have a large list of companies like walmart etc. to choose from. You can purchase whatever you need/want online and get cash back.

They’ll give you a percentage of the money you used to buy your product and put it into your CashCrate account. This is a awesome feature that few are even aware of. Trial offers require a credit card to complete the offer. Most of the trial offers will say sign up for a free 7 day trial and confirm your e-mail.

These offers have high payouts because you have to spend a little for them to approve. They always cover what you’re paying, so you will make a profit. You can also make a great income from their referral program. It’s a two tire program that will pay you 20% of what your first level referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make.

The percentage levels increase with the more referrals you have. CashCrate gives you a $1 sign up bonus for every referral you make once you are at silver level (50 active referrals). You will also have the option of direct deposit once you are at silver level. CashCrate holds many different contests as well.

If you follow them on twitter or facebook you can participate in their daily contests. They hold so many different kinds of contests, there’s daily, weekly and monthly contests. The average contests you will see are offer contests (top 20 complete the most offers for the month), referral contests (top 20 with the most referrals in a month) and forum contests (Make a certain amount of helpful posts in a month). The forum contests can vary from valid post to games etc.

My CashCrate Review
So, I guess you could say my overall CashCrate Review would have to be positive. It’s actually a legitimate site that will pay you to complete offers, surveys, and more. I never had a single problem with the site, and everything seems to credit fine for me.

It’s okay to be a skeptic, but I thinks it’s better to try it before you start telling yourself it’s a scam. I’m very glad I stuck with CashCrate and gave it chance. Otherwise I would have lost out on a good amount of money.

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